There are more things in heaven and earthHoratio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. - Hamlet (1.5.167-8)


Each of a Genesa crystal's 14 facets is a dimensional doorway through which differing energies and potentials can be accessed and manifested into 3rd dimensional reality.   As a Genesa Crystal is created a representative of the Devic Kingdom agrees to "ensoul" the crystal and co-create with you through the crystal's unique properties.  The deva of the crystal co-creates with you by choosing the doorway or combination of doorways through which it will access energy in alignment with an intention that you choose to manifest in your life.   By following an activation procedure, outlined in an accompanying copyrighted owner's guide, you can begin to consciously co-create with the Devic Kingdom and the crystal.  As you stay consciously connected to this process your intention will begin to manifest.

 Genesa Crystals are also called cubeoctohedrons or vector equilibriums and have the energy of a torus.  To learn more about the torus I highly recommend that you watch the movie "Thrive" on YouTube.


 The Perelandra nature research center has used a Genesa Crystal in its garden for a number of years as an "energy air conditioner".  Machaelle Small Wright, founder of Perelandra, feels that " draws in positive energy from all forms within a certain radius (a 24 inch diameter crystal impacts form within a 2 mile radius), cleanses, balances it, and sends it back out".  The Wrights have also used a crystal in their home with a similar energy cleansing and balancing effect.


 In addition, your crystal can be used with a variety of gemstones to magnify the energy embodied in the stone.  For example, when using rose quartz, the Genesa Crystal will magnify and emanate the vibration of wholeness and connection in love into it's environment.


 The Genesa Crystals that I create are made in conscious connection with the Devic Kingdom and spiritual realms with the intention that their effects be transformational .  Each Crystal comes with a unique Genesa Crystal Owner's Guide© describing it's history, metaphysical properties, various uses, and recommended care. 




The 16" dia. crystal ($150 + 18.00 s/i) is made of natural copper tubing and is ideal for use outdoors in gardens.  Outside, the copper can develop a beautiful blue-green patina.




Crystal prices are for U.S. shipment and include owner's guide, shipping/handling, and insurance. 

 Contact us for overseas rates.


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                                          6" Crystal

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The 6" ($95 +10 s/i) and 9" ($105+12 s/i) diameter  models, in gold chromate plated metal rings, have a softer energy and are suitable for use in most home or office settings. Includes free Owner's Guide©.

      9" Crystal


Genesa Crystal Owner's Guide©

The 6 page Owner's Guide talks about the Genesa Crystal's  history, metaphysical properties, various uses, and recommended care.  It's available, as an email attachment, for $ 10, or free with a crystal purchase.