Genesa Crystals are extraordinary metaphysical tools that can be programmed to help you manifest what you intend to create in your life.  By following the procedure outlined in the included Owner's Guide, you can co-create with the Crystal and with the Devic Kingdom to align energy with your intention.  As you stay consciously connected to this process your intention will begin to manifest. 

The Crystal will vibrate you intention unlimitedly.  That is to say, it will magnify the energy of your conscious as well as your unconscious intention, your expressed desire and related denials.  Beliefs and choices that you are currently making, in the area of your intention, will be shown to you!  As you receive what is reflected to you in each moment, change will happen in your life!

In addition, each crystal can be used with a variety of stones, placed in specific locations, to magnify the energy that the stone embodies.  For example, when using a rose quartz crystal the Genesa Crystal will magnify and emanate the vibration of wholeness and connection in love into it's and your environment.


The Perelandra nature research center has used a Genesa Crystal in it's garden for a number of years as an "energy air conditioner".  Machaelle Small Wright, founder of Perelandra, feels that " draws in positive energy from all forms within a certain radius ( a 24 inch diameter crystal impacts form within a 2 mile radius), cleanses, balances it, and sends it back out.  TheWrights have also used a crystal in their home, with a similar energy cleansing and balancing effect.

The Crystal is placed on a particular facet depending on the type of work that they are doing at the time.  They feel that you should "ask nature how you should place your Genesa Crystal, and periodically check with nature to make sure the placement hasn't changed...the reasons for the specific position will be different from person to person" (Perelandra Garden Workbook l)

The final stabilizing stage in preparing Perelandra Essence mother tinctures is a period of time inside a Genesa Crystal located in the center of their garden.


A labyrinth is a single path tool for personal, psychological, and spiritual transformation that has been used for thousands of years in various forms.  Some experimenters have added Genesa Crystals to the center of their designs to enhance it's energetic properties.  A maze has many paths and is essentially a left-brain puzzle.  A labyrinth is a right-brain intuition  and creativity enhancer.  If you are looking for a a solution to a problem, walk a labyrinth while holding your issue in mind.  Expect insights!



Through Vywamus, a teacher on the spiritual plane, I have learned that the Genesa Crystal " is a structure of light, of consciousness, that expresses an ongoing expansion or flow of life without a point of separation.  The co-creation of the shapes (Platonic Solids) and their potentials, within this archetypal shape, creates the experience of unlimitedness."