Vywamus (a spiritual teacher) asked me to create a Genesa Crystal that would enclose the primary workshop space at The Vywamus Foundation, Falmouth, Maine, to support their program at the Foundation's New Year's Intensive (2000).  I built the 160' diameter crystal, as shown, with about 1/2 of the structure above ground.  Energetically the Crystal completes underground.  Following Vywamus' channeled instructions, I added 450' of silver wire, 900' of white Christmas lights and crystals that were placed at various intersections.  These included clear quartz, amethyst clusters, moldavite, rose quartz, seraphinite, lapis and hematite.  The Crystal was completed in Nov. 1999 and dismantled the following July because it's energetics were not appropriate for their (TVF) upcoming summer intensive.   At nighttime the effect was striking and must have been quite a sight for someone flying overhead!